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The Business Of Fortune Telling

I’m in the business of fortune telling. Actually I’m in the business of reading energy which I do using tarot cards as a guide. Fortune telling is the overarching definition most often assigned to tarot card reading. Such an antiquated definition! It also has an association with some unfortunate tales of bad fiction. To be fair though, tarot card readings do look into the future. Which brings me to today’s topic; can fortunes be told?

To my mind, yes fortunes can be told. I witness it regularly in my business. I also understand that everyone has free will and not all predictions will come to pass. In fact, that is precisely why I like tarot reading. Tarot provides you with the opportunity to see what is coming your way. When you know what’s coming you can prepare or make changes before events occur. You can avoid matters that you’d rather not experience and engage more with the things that you do want in your life. 

The Future’s Not Set In Stone

Everyone has the ability to make choices about their lives. You can choose consciously or leave it up to others. If you don’t choose or forget to choose, that in itself is a choice. Thus, everyone has free will.

Interestingly, it’s this very concept that I sometimes hear used as an argument against fortune telling. Particularly when it comes to the accuracy of fortune telling. After all, as the argument goes; if you can find out what your destiny is, it means your life is predetermined, and therefore you have no free will.

Clearly, the future’s not set in stone. You can choose where you’d like to go and you can choose ways to get there. Fate, destiny and karma are only as likely as you allow them to be. So, what does this mean for fortune tellers and tarot card readers like me?

Everything Is Energy

Science tells us that everything is energy. Everything! Whether it has physical substance or not. It could be dense energy such as the chair you sit on or light energy such as a wistful thought. Either way it’s energy that perpetually interacts and adapts to other energy fields it comes into contact with. 

The energy you put out into the world is reflected back to you in the circumstance you face. When you make a decision, think a thought or feel an emotion it becomes energy that you put out into the world. If you change your mind then your energy changes too. If you are not sure about something your energy will shift back and forth between the things you are focussed on but not sure about. Basically if you put out good vibes you’ll attract positive outcomes while poor or mixed messages will result in less than ideal circumstances.

Be Conscious Of Your Own Energy

Deep-seated beliefs, attitudes and behaviours that reside in your unconscious also have energy. This means some of the energy you put out might not match your conscious thinking. It can be hard to accept what you have created for yourself when you are not aware of what lies in your unconscious and sub-conscious mind. Let’s face it, no-one wants to be told that the disaster befalling them is of their own making. 

Sometimes a bad outcome isn’t all your own doing. Other energies can have an impact on what you project into the world. This is why it’s sometimes easier to do things with a group of like-minded people than it is on your own. Everyone in the group contributes to the energy and makes it stronger. On the other hand, if energies are in conflict you will experience challenges and things probably won’t turn out the way you hope.

Energy Control

All you can control is your own energy. If you consciously make the effort you can direct your energy exactly where you want to go. When you are determined, it is not hard for other people to sense your intentions by the energy you are putting out. The more you are in control of your energy the stronger you make it. The Stronger it is the greater the ability you have to create and achieve your precise desire – you manifest what you want!

Sometime energy is easy to sense. If you have ever had the experience of walking into a room where an argument has just finished, you’ll know what I mean. Think about how it felt in that moment. You probably became aware of tension and maybe felt uncomfortable. It certainly didn’t need psychic powers to know an argument had just occurred. You could sense it in the energy.

The Art Of Fortune Telling

When a fortune teller reads your tarot cards, or your palm, tea leaves or jewellery, they are picking up on your energy. Some readers stick to the rules of a guidebook. They know the exact meaning of a tarot card or palm line and they tell each fortune using that understanding.

Others use intuition to guide their reading. The medium they use is a point of reference but the meaning can change from reading to reading. Both methods work. They both tap into the energy you are radiating.

I read intuitively. I use tarot as a tool to help people plan for a future they want. My focus is on helping my client ‘see’ what is coming based on the energy they are projecting at the time. Together we look at what that means for them and what they can do to make the most of it. If something challenging is on the horizon we can find ways to avoid or mitigate that concern.

I strongly believe that tarot can give everyone an advantage in life. Your energy determines what is coming to you. If you can see a map of it, you can do something about it. Tarot is an excellent tool to help you do this.

Yes, fortunes can be told and, it’s entirely up to you if you want to make your fortune happen.

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