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Time for a catch up

What is energy healing, how is it connected to tarot, and how can it help you?

Hi there dear reader,

Well this topic has been on my mind for quite some time and it feels good to finally have it up on the blog. There’s a fair bit to cover so I’ve broken it into the following sections for you:

First up, is a definition of energy healing and some points for you to note. Next I’ve written a little bit about how I got involved and added a quick look at energy healing today. Following that I’ve provided some details on how I can help you with energy healing. And finally, I’ve included some helpful resources in case you’d like more information.

Let’s get to it!


Energy healing is based upon the premise that all living things have an energetic life force and energy centres, or chakras. Life force energy, or Prana or Qi, is what works to keep your body’s cells functioning and healthy.

Energy healers connect with the universal life force and channel that energy into their body. The energy then radiates out of their hands and they can direct it wherever it needs to go. The channelled energy helps to balance, heal and remove blockages in your life force energy and chakras. It’s a holistic practice that encourages your body to heal and restore harmony and vitality. (I usually do a brief meditation before I start a healing to help connect to the universal energy. It also takes practice and confidence in your intuition to be super effective.)

Points to note

Receiving an energy healing does not guarantee you will be healed. However it does clear and raise the energetic vibration of your body so you have a much better chance of healing. And, it definitely helps you feel more at peace, reduces pain and calms your mind. When an energy healer prepares to do a healing they ask that the universal energy be used for the greatest good of all. Sometimes this means helping someone, whose life is ending, to be more at ease rather than try healing only to prolong the struggle.

An energy healing provides the most benefit if you request it and are open to allowing the energy to work. It will help even if you have doubts. It’s up to you whether to believe any improvements came from the energy healing or not. It’s not ideal for healers to do a healing without permission but there are times when it might be done. For example, when someone is in a coma or incapacitated in some other way. Animals and plants benefit from energy healings too and it can be tricky to know for sure if they give permission.

The energy comes from the universal life force, not the healer. However it is up to the healer to decide what to do with it. The experience can be different for every situation and every healer. As soon as I prepare for a healing and tap into universal energy I start to feel a tingling in my hands. I let my intuition guide me in what to do. Where and how to position my hands, where to direct the energy and for how long, these things are all determined intuitively.

How I got started

My introduction to energy healing came through watching an experienced Reiki healer do a treatment, known as an attunement, on a friend of mine. My friend felt the benefits of the attunement right away and the increase in her vitality and energy was remarkable. What really got my attention though, was that I was able to see the energy that the healer was channelling. It looked like a bright white light, and I could see how it changed the aura around my friend. I knew I had to try it for myself and pretty soon I was training to get my qualification as a Reiki healer. (I don’t always see the energy, mostly I just feel it. It’s both awesome and humbling when I do see it in action.)

When I started training, energy healing was a little known concept in my part of the world. Also, qualifying as a Reiki healer could take up to four years. In some more formal spiritual practices an energy healing similar to Reiki, referred to as “hands on healing” was taking hold. Unfortunately it was mostly either lauded as a miracle or considered a complete con. As a result, Reiki was something I undertook quietly and only practiced on friends in my spiritual social circles.

Energy healing today

Fast forward to current times and things have clearly changed. These days you can complete a course quite quickly, though it can still take years to master. Quantum physics now tells us there is no difference between energy and matter. Everything is constantly in motion and vibrating with a subtle energy. Energy healing is more widely accepted as a valid practice and people everywhere are recognising the benefits. Of course energy healing is really nothing new. Alternative medicines and treatments such as acupuncture, Bach Flower remedies and crystal healings are all energy based modalities and they’ve been around for a very long time.

How I can help you

I now hold a Reiki Masters accreditation and regularly provide attunements. I also intentionally include energy healing work during a tarot card reading if it’s needed.

All my divination services provide an element of healing. When you have a reading with me you’ll find that the clarity you gain helps to heal emotional conflicts and scattered thinking. It might even have a knock-on effect in your body. For example, a pain in the neck can literally come about because that’s what you think about something or someone that is troubling you. When you get a reading about that pain in the neck situation the solution shown in the cards might resolve your physical neck pain too.

At the moment I’m offering a free guided meditation to help you feel calm and collected, and that can bring about healing. I also offering Reiki healings for free. Here’s the link to book if you’d like either of these free offers: Link

Special note

Energy healings and tarot card readings are not substitutes for traditional medicine. If you are unwell please get professional medical advice. Then you can use my tarot readings and energy healings to assist you in your wellness program.

Want to know more? Try these resources

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All About Reiki: How This Type of Energy Healing Works, and Its Health Benefits by Lauren Bedosky – Link

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Until next time!

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