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Discover what is in store for you in the Sage and Seeker Tarotscope for this Gemini season.


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It’s Gemini season!

What to expect in this season of the airy, intellectual and curious Gemini. Find out what is in store for your zodiac signs below. Read your sun sign for a guide on what is likely to go down, your rising sign for what you should know and your moon sign for what is likely to challenge you.

Cards: Aquarian Tarot


The Hierophant – teaching and learning. Get your curiosity going through this period. You know how kids always ask “why?” well that’s the vibe. Just don’t piss everyone off with your incessant questions – lol! If you can encourage people to ask “why is it so?” with enthusiasm and panache you’ll be the kind of teacher everyone wants to be around.


Five of Pentacles – mind how you go during this period. It’s winter here in Australia and a cold time to be without basic comforts. Avoid needless spending but do lend a helping hand to those in need. An attitude of gratitude will go a long way now!


Nine of Cups – merriment is on the cards. A good time to entertain loved ones (when is it not for a Leo?). Have fun, just be cautious about how much you imbibe. Tipsy and amusing can be fun, but drunk and obnoxious, not so much! You’re an old hand at having fun. See if you can find some new ways to keep the troops entertained.


The Sun – happy days. Contentment, joy and pleasure  for you. Life will seem effortless as you live in flow with the season and the people around you. Remember to give thanks for this abundance, the more you do, the more you’ll get. Conversely, if you take it for granted it won’t stick around for long.

Cards: Aquarian Tarot


The Empress – pure feminine power. Abundance and creativity will feature big time throughout this Gemini season. This is your opportunity to manifest something beautiful even if it makes a lot of mess in the process. After all, creation can be a messy business. It’s a good time to beat the drum for Mother Nature too!


Justice – things will brought back into balance. Forget about vengeance and fighting. This season will mete out precisely what is needed. Nothing more and nothing less. It may not be what you want, then again, it could be exactly what you hope for. Either way, the path will be cleared and you can more forward without carrying unnecessary burdens.


King of Pentacles – master of the material world. Your hard work is paying off. It’s a good time to make purchases you’ve been saving for. Financially and materially you should be feeling pretty secure. Consider giving to a charity or helping out someone less fortunate. It would be an excellent way to demonstrate to the universal that you are grateful for your success.


Nine of Wands – battle-weary but still standing. It’s a good time to catch your breath and reassess where you are heading or you may find yourself fighting more of the same old battles. Make your point and then let go. Stubborn is as stubborn does and the more you dig in the more they will. Be courageous and walk away. 

Cards: Aquarian Tarot


Ten of Cups – a joyful time with loved ones. Time spent with family, whoever you consider your family to be, is time well spent. It is here that you will be most content this season. The strength that you all gain from being together will go a long way to healing any rifts and help build a happy future together.


The Lovers – romance is in the air. A good time to wine and dine your beloved or give yourself some TLC. If you are single there’s a good chance you could meet someone interesting. If you are partnered it’s the perfect opportunity to take some time to strengthen your relationship. In this busy world it’s so easy to take our loved ones for granted. Put in a little more effort now and reap the rewards.


Strength – the power of your heart. Tap into your heart and let that light shine. There is enough strength in your heart to right wrongs, heal hurts, and make everyone around you feel good, all with little effort on your part. Now is the perfect time to pave the way to a better life, regardless of what went on before. Use this strength with wisdom and the world is your oyster.


Knight of Pentacles – defending the future. This is the time to put on your sustainability hat and look for ways to build and improve your lifestyle. What can you do today that will guarantee a better tomorrow. It’s not just about caring for nature, you need to do what’s best for you too. Don’t get caught up in what you think you should do, rather listen to your heart and do what you know is right for you.

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