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Certifications: Real Manifesting Practitioner, Advanced Chakra Healing, Usui Reiki Master, Swedish Massage, Nutrition, Advanced First Aid, Business Administration, Catering and Hospitality Practices, Fitness Trainer, Diploma of Feng Shui, Bachelor of Arts - Recreation Administration

When you want clarity, need reassurance or seek inspiration, I've got you. DM me on Messenger via Facebook, or text or call me on 0438 426 560. Discover my current location via Instagram

Now I'm living my dream; reading tarot, leading meditations, working with energy and helping my clients live a happier life, all while travelling and exploring this beautiful planet. My readings are on point and in demand; I'm exceptional at what I do. But don't take my word for it, read the reviews here or book a reading and find out for yourself.

My passion for tarot reading began in the early 80s and quickly developed into a steady side hustle while I pursued careers in hospitality, fitness, surf lifesaving, and women's safety. I've trained countless people in lifesaving, swimming and personal wellbeing and spent many years assisting CEOs, GMs and Directors. I've worked in some amazing places, made friends with people from all walks of life and raised two awesome human beings as a single mum. 

I'm an intuitive tarot card reader, energy healer, meditation teacher and digital nomad. I've been reading tarot cards for over 40 years. I work with people all over the world and I love my job!

G'day, I'm Terri.

Intuitive Guidance & Authenticity

SMS or call: 0438 426560
Facebook Messenger: @TerriAtkin

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Most of us are not taught how to use our intuition, but all of us know well that "gut" feeling.
Sage and Seeker Tarot provides the intuitive alchemy designed to help you find the sage you seek within yourself.

We each have a little sage,
a wise and knowing inner self 

why Sage & seeker?