Kind Words

To all my wonderful clients, thank you!
It's delightful to hear that I have helped you and I want you to know that meeting you has helped me too.
Every one of you is an inspiration. Determined, courageous and heart-centred. I feel blessed to have met you and now call many of you my friend. Stay true to yourself, be unapologetically you and know that you can achieve the goals you desire.

Big love, Terri

Terri was so very spot on of where I am in life and what she could see for me to move forward. It has given me confidence and peace to get past my misfortune and move forward to a positive path.
I can confidentially recommend to anyone who wants a reading and is perhaps on the sidelines thinking - will this benefit me - and say absolutely do it. It's a must do for anyone who believes in seeing a good reader of the cards.
Thank you, Terri           Elly Bartles

"Wow, I had a tarot card reading that surprised me no end"

I have only had a handful of readings from Terri (so far), yet each time I am blown away by the incredible nuance and insight she brings to the spread. Even to the point of reading my mind - or articulating things that I had not yet completely consciously given words to, myself. Her readings have accurately and gently tracked the shifts in my thinking about major work and life changes, which is a testament to Terri's almost innate, natural skill as a reader, healer and guide. I will absolutely be seeking readings from Terri in future, and I look forward to sharing her insights with others by gifting readings to friends and family when they need some clarity for their own life journeys. ~ Erin C.

"Amazing how Terri can both read my mind about the past and present, while shining a light on pathways forward"

Terri helps me find clarity in my life. She is incredibly perceptive and intuitive, while also encouraging and uplifting. I always walk away from my readings feeling more inspired, motivated and confident. Sometimes I feel like she can read my mind and see what's going on in my life without me even telling her anything! I've been having readings with her for over a decade. 🥰 
Meg Robertson

"I went from stuck and unsure about my next steps to finally making progress on my biggest business dreams and taking action."

I love having tarot card readings with Terri. She truly knows her stuff. She has a way of explaining the cards that makes them seem so approachable. The messages are always spot on and sometimes surprise me. How can a deck of cards be so accurate and so helpful? ~ Fay Moran

"I always look forward to my appointments with Terri as we have such a lot of fun together."

I knew Terri when she was gifted her first deck of tarot cards as a young adult. And now, years later, I still love seeing Terri’s curious and perceptive mind at work, as she interprets so many fascinating messages that come through the exquisite cards that she cherishes. Having followed Terri’s journeys through some amazing life opportunities, where she’s experienced and achieved so much, I’m not surprised that she finally chose to pursue her passion of giving people special guidance for their life choices. ~ Joy Guthrie

"If you feel that you need some clarity in your life or some reassurance that your intuition is steering you in the right direction, share with Terri."