Tarot Readings

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A tarot card reading provides a symbolic map of your life path. The cards reflect the energy around you and provide insights into how to navigate your circumstances.

Just like using a GPS, you can find out where you are and where your path is likely to take you. You'll see events going on around you in a cohesive pattern so you can plan ahead, and you can explore alternative routes that might make your journey more enjoyable. 

Your future is not set in stone, it's up to you to create what you want. There is tremendous value in examining your current path to find out how best to navigate it. Let's connect and find out what your pathway looks like!

Clarity, Confidence and Greater Success

You want to explore your life with an in-depth tarot reading

a good fit for you if:

In-person readings: Find out where I am via Insta @sageandseekertarot
10 cards| $100 cash or bank transfer (mobile PayID). Call or text to book:

Together we will spend an hour exploring your map of cards to reveal what's going on in your life, bring some clarity to your situation, and help you find the best pathway to move forward with confidence.

Connection and Clarity

In-person & Online Readings

Online readings: One hour video conference via Facebook Messenger. 
Australia wide clients | 10 cards | $110 AUD bank transfer (mobile PayID)
International clients | 10 cards | $115 AUD PayPal
Friend me on Facebook to request a booking via Messenger, please allow for time zone differences. We'll do your reading together on a video call. Find out where I'm currently located via my profile on Instagram 

0438 426 560

Want clarity and guidance that fits into your lifestyle on the go

a good fit for you if:

Call or text me on the number above to book your reading or friend me on Facebook me so we can connect via Messenger.

0438 426 560

Australia wide clients | 5 Cards | $60 AUD bank transfer/mobile PayID,
International clients | 5 cards | $65 AUD PayPal
Delivered within 24 hours. 

Choose to get my reading notes and photos of your cards sent straight to your phone by SMS or Messenger so you can digest your reading on the fly. 

No matter where you are, when you are plagued by a question and need an answer fast, a mini reading is an ideal solution.

Your speedy, digital solution

Mini Readings

You are looking for a unique gift for a loved one

a good fit for you if:

Order a Gift Certificate

Certificates available for in person, sms and online readings.

Make your gift giving a breeze by giving them a gift certificate for a tarot reading and become the best gift-giver ever!

The ideal gift for anyone but especially your friends and family members for whom choosing a gift can be a challenge. Some people just seem to have everything they already want or need. Now you can give them something truly unique.

The Ideal Gift for Every Occasion

Gift Certificates

Tarot readings for group events of 4 or more people (12 max.) can be arranged.
Group readings are ideal for full moon circles, wellness retreats, and gypsy, boho and witchy themed parties.
Please contact me to discuss your dream package on 0438 426 560

Treat your guests to a touch of tarot magic

Having a party?

Kind Words

"Terri helps me find clarity in my life. She is incredibly perceptive and intuitive."

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