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Take control of your life, feel happier and more confident, and gain greater success.


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Are you living an intentional life?

It’s easy to slip into autopilot and let life dictate your habits and how you should live. Habits are fabulous if they support your goals but if you are falling into a monotonous routine and life is feeling very ‘ordinary’, maybe it’s time you took back control. Elevate your life with these five tips and gain greater success.

How do you create an intentional life?

Being intentional means taking control. You call the shots and not the other way around. When you are intentional you think about what you want to happen in your life and you take steps to achieve it. You define your values and begin to notice your mindset. You plan what you must do in your life and you build in actions that will take you towards the goals you desire. In short, you start living your life with purpose. 

A life lived with purpose encourages you make good choices and that leads to greater confidence. Greater confidence helps you find your passion and then you start to feel more secure about, well, everything!

There are lots of things you can do to elevate your life. Here are five, in no particular order, that will help kick you into a higher level of living pretty quickly. 

Of course you need to be aware that they take commitment. If you really want to see a change in your life, you have to be willing to work on these things every day.

Tip #1

Practice gratitude

The best way to do this is to start a gratitude journal. Set aside a few minutes each day to write in your journal and record everything you can think of that you are grateful for.

First thing in the morning is great time to do this. Thinking grateful thoughts puts you in a happier mood that has a positive effect on the rest of your day. Last thing at night is also a good time. You’ll end up falling asleep with a smile on your face and that makes for sweet dreams and a restful sleep.

Tip #2

Be present in the moment

Pay attention to what you are thinking about. Are you worrying about the future? Brooding over the past? Are you listening to what others are saying or too busy thinking about what you’ll say in response?

The only place where you can make a difference in your life is in the present moment. Give your full attention to whatever it is you are doing. Be mindful! 

It’s not easy to do this when you first start. You really have to catch yourself every time you drift away from right now. Once you get into the practice of it, you’ll notice when you drift more often and bring yourself back to the present more quickly. 

Try back tracking your thoughts to where they should be and soon enough you’ll notice the benefits. And, so will everyone around you! 

People really appreciate you giving them, or the work they want you to do, your full attention. Try it and see for yourself.

Tip #3

Take calculated risks

In other words, feel the fear and do it anyway. 

If you don’t get out of your comfort zone nothing in your life will change. You don’t have to do anything dramatic you just need to be prepared to do things differently. 

Start with some easy things: reorganise your living space, get rid of clutter, get up an hour earlier, listen to a new playlist in a genre you don’t usually choose, take a different route to work. Commit to something on your bucket list and start doing little things that prepare you for whatever that bucket list item is.

Tip #4

Become your authentic self

Figure out who you are and how you want to behave in your life. This is a big one. Set aside some time to work on your beliefs and values. Write down your goals for the three big areas of your life, ie: personal goals (improving yourself), professional goals (career, education, skills) and social goals (romantic, friend and family relationships).

In each of these areas record your thoughts, values, beliefs, attitudes and behaviours. Notice which ones serve you well and which hinder your progress. Explore ways to change the things that don’t serve you well. Start implementing the changes you need to make. Observe yourself as you go about your day and make a note of how things went each night.

It’s really valuable to keep a record to help you assess what has changed, how successful the change was, and what you need to do next. 

Tip #5

Be kind

Pay attention to everyone in your sphere of influence. Not only do you influence them but they influence you too. If you don’t feel comfortable in their company you can either make more of an effort to engage with them or distance yourself. Whatever you do, remember to be kind. None of us has any idea what is really going on in someone’s else life. Treat everyone in the manner that you would like to be treated.

Commit to your practice, live beyond the ordinary and elevate your life

Well, there you have it. Five tips that, if you commit to them, will really help you elevate your life. 

If you’d like a few more ideas and tips to help you live beyond the ordinary, check out this list of links below.

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