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Moving Forward in 2023

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Time for a catch up

It seemed to me that this new year rolled in very slowly. By the end of last year everyone I knew was keen to see the end of 2022. However when the calendar actually ticked over we all appeared to be stuck in some kind of holding pattern. It was like we were collectively waiting for a green light to move forward, a moment when the real new year would kick in. 

All systems go

Now here we are in late January and finally the lights have changed. All those pesky planets that were in retrograde have gone direct, the first super new moon for the year has just past and forward movement has begun. Life is picking up speed again. Soon we’ll be gasping at how quickly time has flown.

It’s a seven year this year (2+0+2+3=7). In tarot, the 7 card is The Chariot. Be prepared to wrangle conflicting energies and come up with creative ways to combine their power to charge ahead. You are the charioteer and you’ll need poise and confidence to control your chariot with grace. Things are likely to move quickly, be ready!

Plans and decluttering

This year I have some big plans on the drawing board including offering Learn to Read Tarot classes and taking my tarot reading on the road. Oh yes, I’ve plenty to keep myself busy.

I’m downsizing my home and decluttering and reducing my belongings to fit my new lifestyle. This activity has been somewhat amusing to those who know me well. I’m a bit of a minimalist so saying I have too much stuff induced the odd eye roll and guffaw.

Parting with belongings

My goal is to feel lighter and be lighter. I really don’t like to be responsible for, nor lug around, a lot of stuff. And gosh it’s so easy to gather stuff. A memento here, a few handy items there, and next thing you know you’ve a multitude of once useful objects and wishful things collecting dust.

I find it’s not too hard to part with most material belongings, particularly if they’ve rarely see the light of day. Sure I might’ve paid a lot of money for some of them but I won’t be any poorer for giving them away. My money is long gone and maybe those items will get the love they deserve with someone else. Despite this, I still tussle with releasing things at times.

Debating the merit of items

My thought process and behaviour goes something like this:

Minimal me: “Why on earth do you have four pairs of shorts when you wear the same two pairs on repeat all summer?”

Reluctant me: “Well, the purple ones are dressier and good for parties, and they cost you a bomb”

Minimal me: “But you always wear your fav skirt when you go to parties”. Puts purple shorts in the give away pile.

Reluctant me: Circles back around a bit later and puts the purple shorts in the keep pile.

Minimal me (next day): “Why are we keeping these, didn’t we deal with this?”. Adds purple shorts to the give away pile, loads everything into the car and deposits it all at the op shop – job done.

Reluctant me (comes home to a party invitation): “Great I’ll wear those purple… wait, you just took them to the op shop. I knew I should’ve kept them”.

Minimal me: Wears fav skirt to party and doesn’t miss the purple shorts at all.

This scenario plays out with numerous items, not just with my clothes. It’s ridiculous. I know that anything seriously considered for the give away pile will surely go and yet I dither and debate it for a while first. Such a waste of time and energy. Also, it’s funny how things that I consider not appropriate or useful suddenly become ideal when I don’t have them anymore. Memory is a fickle master.

The toughest decisions

And then there are my tarot decks. Of all the things I knew I had to reduce this time around the toughest has been letting go of tarot decks. 

I managed to collect more than 50 decks over the past couple of years as well as several other divination tools. It’s been a real challenge deciding what to relinquish and what I truly want to keep. After a lot of deliberation my collection is now down to six tarot decks, two oracle decks, a tin of charms and one Lenormand deck, but gee it was hard!

And here’s the kicker; I really only need one tarot deck to provide a great reading for a client. In fact having to choose between decks can introduce an unnecessary anxiety, ie: did I choose the most appropriate cards for this person. Also, tarot decks are not light weight when you have to carry a few of them around.

But oh, the art work on some cards is so beautiful and having options is nice, right? (And they are only small, and I could maybe fit one more in the box, and, and, and.) Yeah, not easy. 

Anywhooo, I’ve made my decision; lots of decks have gone to good homes and more are in readiness to fly. A few more clothing items, a couple of house jewels and some small furniture pieces that won’t fit where I’m going are also waiting to be bundled off.

Changing thought patterns

Alongside all this shedding of material stuff I’ve noticed changes in my thinking and attitudes too. I’ve definitely had some “I’m FINE” moments – ie: Freaked out, Insecure, Neurotic & Emotional, but overall I’m ready. I think I’ve been wanting this change for a lot longer than I realised. Now I’m doing my best to remain open, curious and full of love and wonder about what lies ahead. 

I think 2023 is shaping up to be something new and maybe completely different to other years gone by. 

How are you moving forward this year? Has the energetic vibration got you making changes and having the occasional freakout and some totally chill, “I’ve got this”, moments like me?

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