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When the queens get together there is sure to be a party in the castle. Despite their elemental differences these gals have a lot in common as rulers of their realms.


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When the queens get together there is sure to be a party in the castle. Despite their elemental differences these gals have a lot in common as rulers of their realms. They work well together, value each other as friends and confidantes, and rely on the wisdom that each of them brings to the table.

Queen of Pentacles

The Queen of Pentacles will of course always be the most resplendent in a gorgeous outfit perfectly cut and suited to her figure. This woman is warm, generous and insightful. She’s just the ally you need when faced with making practical decisions and facing some hard physical work. While she loves luxury she’s not afraid to roll up her sleeves and get a little messy. She embodies both material and spiritual wealth and is well worth drawing into any discussion on these topics. The Queen of Pentacles is full of wisdom about such things.

Queen of Wands

The Queen of Wands likes to dress in vivid attire designed to light up a ballroom. She also has the moves to really flaunt her stuff at any party. Full of energy, passion and charm, this Queen is a fireball. Of course being so energetic, she doesn’t much like sitting around. If you want to engage her in conversation and absorb some of her huge cache of wisdom you need to be prepared to do it on the go. Invite her on a nice long hike in the sunshine and fresh air and you’ll soon discover she’s got a lot of great advice to share about all manner of topics. At a party in the castle, well you can have a lot of fun with her simply dancing the night away. Just one word of caution, don’t rub her up the wrong way, that fire energy can really burn.

Queen of Cups

The Queen of Cups is a little more demure, though she’ll still be lusciously dressed. She will have everyone smiling and laughing within minutes of her arrival at any event. People usually flock to her side just to soak in her essence. She radiates love and nurturing energy. Her gentleness is also her strength. Like water she can be as bubbly and happy as a sunny stream and is the perfect person to discuss matters of love and romance with. Don’t be fooled though, the queen of cups has knowledge and wisdom as deep and vast as any ocean. She can also be a tad too motherly if you don’t set clear boundaries. And just so you know, if provoked, she has the ability to bring forth a torrent of storms and walls of water forceful enough to destroy just about anything. Best stay on her good side.

Queen of Swords

The Queen of Swords might appear a little stand offish at first but she’ll be the one making sure that everything runs like clockwork and to perfection. She can also regale a crowd with fabulous stories and anecdotes, all true of course. This gorgeous gal has the smarts and intuition to know exactly what to say when. In her world, truth and honesty are essential and only a fool would be stupid enough to try and con her. That sword of hers is razor sharp and she’s not afraid to use it. For the most part though, she is a cool and confident queen and loves a good intellectual conversation. She is also a woman of action so if you want her advice or need her assistance be prepared to ask for and receive it on the move.

The Meaning of Queen Cards

All the queens bring a feminine ruling energy to the cards. Their presence in a reading is to offer you support and intuitive wisdom. Each will help you develop your perception and intuitive skills. They’ll teach you about emotions, encourage you to dance, tell you when to fight, and demonstrate how to bring out the beauty in everyone. In short, they are there to remind you to live your best life.

The queens each have a mature and experienced understanding of their element. They are happy in their own skin and encourage us to view our place in the world with consideration to sustainability and care of others. Overall their energy might feel subtle compared to that of their counterparts, the kings. However the Queens are boss women who have perfected the art of gentle persuasion and will always follow through on ideas to reach fruition.

If a queen shows up in your reading consider yourself very fortunate. Give her the attention she deserves and she will take you under her wing. She’ll share her wisdom with you and provide valuable guidance so you can achieve your dreams.

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